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About Us

Our goal is to become the premier social site and market place for those who live in the bdsm, fetish, cuckolding, and other alternative communities.  It is the vision of two friends, one straight and one not so straight, who wanted more than what we could find on other sites.  We hope that at whatever place you are in your life, you will be able to use this site.  It is meant to be used by the highest of professionals to the most average of us blue collar guys... and girls.  Everyone is welcome here so all that we ask of you is to please leave any prejudices that you have at the login button and don't post anything that will get us all into trouble.

This site is blending of the most popular social sites and old school chatrooms and video services. This site encourages people to be social without having them just hide behind a keyboard for anonymity. This site allows you to chat via instant message, send messages in an email format, and even video conference without ever having to give out your personal information. Our goal is to use this site to host parties all over the USA and eventually the world to allow people in a given area to meet others in the fetish community. We want to develop friendships and promote understanding between the various lifestyles. It is possible for you to have friends that do not judge you.  So, even if you meet people in your area that do not share your fetish... friendships can be forged to promote understanding and less judgement.  This is our hope.

The fact is, this site was created by people who live alternative lifestyles and share alternative interests in order to make these lifestyles not so alternative. We not only want to promote the idea that you are not alone; we want to promote the idea of actually making friends and meeting. We want this site to endure. As we grow, our goal is to make this site improve both in its appearance and functionality.  All the while keeping a modest cost that any one person can afford. We want our content to be user driven because this site is about all of us… as users. We hope you will join and enjoy this website because we did not create it to make a lot of money. We created this site for you based upon what we were looking for ourselves. If you want to know more about us, just ask.


Thank you so much for checking us out!


David (the not so straight one) & House Master (the straight one)