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    What is a Kink Aware Professional, and If I am one, why advertise on your site?

    Kink Aware Professionals are those who want to offer their professional services to those in the kink community. Money is green no matter where it comes from so why not make people feel comfortable and earn their business. Whether you live in the kink world or not, maybe you just do not judge people and want to work with anyone. From Doctors, Lawyers, and Accountants… to Realtors, Auto Mechanics and Lawn Mowing Services… there are people in the kink world looking to hire you. Maybe you live in the kink world and work as a professional. Why not let people know you are out there to be of service? The Masons did it centuries ago, so design your own secret hand shake and start letting people know about it. A little understanding and compassion could open new markets for you. And if you are a professional living in the kink world, why not help out your community?



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