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    What can I not post on myfetworld.com?

    These are listed in our Terms of Use located on our site and which were agreed to by you before you could join. In a nutshell, there are certain obscenity laws that we cannot violate. We do monitor the site closely and remove anything that violates this. Also, the company we use to process our membership fees have certain restrictions due to the credit card companies themselves. Basically, you cannot publicly post about rape, blood, extreme violence or poop. Remember, our site does offer privacy where not everything is public. What you and your friends do does not have to be public. Under no circumstances, public or private, will myfetworld.com tolerate anything involving non-consent, underage, or human trafficking. IF we become aware of this on our site, we will report it to the appropriate authorities. Yes Virginia, we do have morals.

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