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    What Kind of Membership Types Does MyFetWorld.com Offer?

    1. Free Membership - All available services are accessible with exception of Unlimited
    Instant Messaging and the ability to View/Post Video.

    2. VIP Membership – For just $1.99 per month you get all the current available service                                           included with the Free Membership, plus: Instant Messaging and the ability to
    View/Post Unlimited Video.

    3. Business VIP – This membership is for businesses that want to advertise within the feeds
    of free members to promote their business. For a nominal fee of $9.99 per month,
    businesses get all of the communications benefits that the VIP account offers to help
    stay in touch with their customers. In addition, this membership allows businesses the
    additional advertising on top of the Profile and Business Directory Listing.

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